Terms of Service

1. Purpose
This Terms of Service defines rights, obligations, responsibilities and other necessary issues of you and Routela Inc. (hereinafter the “Company”) in using Routela web service, mobile application, and other channels of services (hereinafter "Service" or "Routela") provided by the Company.

2. Definition of Terms
The definition of terms used in this Terms of Service is as the following:
1. "Service" means various services related to Routela that Members can use regardless of the devices used by Members.
2. "Member" means a user who accesses the "Service" of the "Company" and uses the "Service" provided by the "Company" through an account granted by agreeing to this Terms of Service.
3. "Admin" or "Manager" means an individual or a company chosen by the Company for the general management and operation of the Service.
4. "Creator" or "Guide" means a specific type of Member selected through the approval of Company and means an individual or company that produces and distributes Content.
5. "Content" or "Post" means all information or data, including but not limited to symbols, texts, voice, sound, video, photo, visual or the combination of all of the above(including files and links), which the Company or Member posts on Routela in using the Service.
6. "Paid Service" means the contents, goods, functions, and services provided by the Company that are available for purchase or after paid subscription.
7. "Application" means all the programs downloaded or installed through the device to use the services provided by the company.

3. Posting and Revision of Terms of Use
1. The Company posts this Terms of Service on the main page of the Service for Members to easily recognize and access the contents of this Terms of Service.
2. The Company can revise this Terms of Service as long as the revision does not violate related laws, such as “The Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions” and “Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection” (hereinafter “Act on Information and Communication Network”).
3. In the event the Company revises this Terms of Use, the Company notifies the Members in accordance with the methods specified in Article 3.1, 7 days prior to the effective date of the revison to the day before the effective date, with reasons for revision. However, if the revision is made in ways that may be regarded as disadvantageous to the Member, the Company will notify the Members within 30 days via electronic, such as email that had been provided by the Member.
4. If a Member disagrees with the revised Terms of Service, the Member may file withdrawal from service. If the Member continues to use the Service after the effective date of the revised Terms, the Member is deemed to have agreed to the revised Terms.

4. Interpretation of Terms of Service
1. The Company may apply separate terms of service and policies (hereinafter the "Paid Service Terms, etc.") for paid services and individual services within the Service, and the contents of the "Paid Service Terms, etc." prevail should the contents of this Terms of Service and "Paid Service Terms, etc." conflict.
2. The terms, issues and interpretations not explicitly defined in this Terms of Service shall be interpreted in accordance with "Paid Service Terms, etc.", related laws and regulations.

5. Conclusion of Agreement to this Terms of Service
1. The agreement to this Terms of Service is concluded when an entity who intends to become a Member of the Service (hereinfater the “Applicant”) consents to this Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy, submits the application form to the Company, and the Company approves the application.
2. The account information to be used when registering must be a valid email address of the Applicant. If you fail to receive information regarding the Company's information and use of Service by listing the your mistakes or intentionally invalid email addresses, you are solely responsible for that.
3. The Company, in principle, will approve Members’ application. However, if the application falls into any of the following categories, the Company may not approve the application or the conclusion may be terminated after the approval.
3.1. If the Applicant is younger than fourteen years of age at the time of application
3.2. If the Applicant lost his or her status as Member in accordance with this Terms of Service
3.3. If the Applicant uses the email address of another person
3.4. If the Applicant have provided false information or failed to provide all information required by the Company
3.5. If the approval is not possible due to the reasons that are attributed to the Applicant or the application was made in violation of the laws and regulations
4. The Company may delay approval of the application if there is a concern regarding capacity of facilities related to the 5ervice or there are technical or administrative difficulties
6. In the event that the Company does not or delays approval of the application, the Company, in principle, will notify this to the Applicant.
7. The timing of conclusion to this agreement is when the Company displays approval of the application in the application process.
8. The Company may classify Members and restrict the use of the Service in order to comply with the classification and age in accordance with the Company's policy and "Juvenile Protection Act".
6. Modifying Personal Information
1. The Member may change his or her personal information through profile page. However, ID or other information essential to operation of the Service, may not be modified.
2. The Member shall notify the Company of the changes in personal information since the application to the Service via Email or other means.
3. The Company shall not be liable for disadvantages or other issues occurred due to the failure to notify the Company of changes in accordance with the Article 6.2.

7. Obligation to Protect Personal Information
The Company shall make its best efforts to protect personal information of the Members pursuant to the relevant laws such as the “Act on Information and Communication Network.” For protection and use of personal information, “Privacy Policy” of the Company will be applied. However, the “Privacy Policy” of the Company shall not be applicable to the linked sites other than the official website provided by the Company.

8. Obligations of Members regarding ID and Password
1. The Member shall be responsible for the management of his or her ID and password, and shall not allow a third party to use his or her ID and password.
2. The Company shall be entitled to restrict the use of ID in the event that the ID of a Member may cause disclosure of personal information, be interpreted to be anti-social or against the established social norms and customs, and/or be mistaken for the Company or the Admin or Manager of the Service.
3. The Member shall immediately notify the company and follow instructions of the Company should the Member becomes aware of, or has reasons to believe that theft or unauthorized use of his or her ID and/or password by third party has occurred.
4. The Company shall not be liable for any damage or loss caused by the Member’s failure to notify the Company or to adhere to the instructions provided by the Company in the event as described in the Article 8.3.

9. Notification to the Member
1. In the event that the Company gives notice to Members, the Company may utilizes means such as email address as provided by the Member or other means such as memo or note that are available within the Service.
2. The Company may make public notice within the Service for seven or more days, in substitution for notification to all Members as specified in the Article 9.1.

10. Obligation of the Company
1. The Company shall not engage in activities prohibited under this Terms of Service or relevant laws, and shall make its best effort to provide the Service in a continuous and stable manner.
2. The Company shall set up security system to protect personal information (including credit information) for Members to use the Service safely and make Privacy Policy publicly available and adhere to it.
3. The Company shall process opinions or complaints raised by Members in regards with the use of the Service. The Company shall respond and notify the Member of the process and results via Email address as provided by the Member upon application to use the Service or other means of communication within the Service.

11. Obligation of the Member
1. The Member shall not engage in the following activities:
1.1. Providing false information during initial application or modification
1.2. Abuse of other entities’ information
1.3. Changing the information posted by the Company
1.4. Sending or posting information, including but not limited to computer programs, other than designated by the Company
1.5. Infringing intellectual properties, including but not limited to copyrights, of the Company
1.6. Defaming reputation or interrupting operation of the Company or other third party
1.7. Disclosing or posting obscene and/or violent message, photo, video, sound, or other information that are against public order or accepted social norms and customs
1.8. Using the Service for profit or commercial purposes without consent of the Company
1.9. Engaging in other illegal or unjust activities
2. The Member shall abide by relevant laws, this Terms of Service, notices or guides provided by the Company in regards to the use of the Service, and shall not engage in activities that may interrupt operations of the Company.
3. The Company may make a provision for the use of the service or take any action on the post for the member who posted the article in violation of Article 11.1 above. In this case, the company communicates the process and results to the member.

12. Providing Service
1. The Company provides the following service to the Members:
1.1. Contents delivery and related services
1.2. Other services that the Company additionally develops or provides to the Members through partnership or other means by contract with other company.
2. The scope of Service provided by the Company may vary depending on the status and use of the Member, such as the history of Paid Service purchases.
3. The Company, in principle, shall provide the Service with no interruption, twenty four hours a day for the entire calendar year.
4. The Company may temporarily suspend provision of the Service in the event that there are significant reasons, such as maintenance, replacement and/or failure of information communication facilities. In this case, the Company shall notify the Member in ways as defined in the Article 9.1. and 9.2. However, the Company may make such notice afterwards if there is an inevitable circumstantial reasons for inability to make prior notice.
5. The Company may perform regular maintenance as required by operations of the Service. The hours of the maintenance are as posted in the webpage of the Service.

13. Change of Service
1. The Company may change all or part of the Service provided to the Member for significant reasons in operational and technical needs.
2. If there is any change in the content, usage, and usage time of the Service, the reason for the change, the content of the service to be changed, and the date of service should be posted on the main page of the Service before the change.
3. The Company may change, suspend or modify all or part of the service provided for free to the Member, as required by the Company’s policy or operational needs. The Company shall not be liable for the change, suspension or modification as specified in this Article unless otherwise stated in relevant laws.

14. Provision of Information and Posting of Advertisements
1. The Company may provide information that can be determined to be necessary for the use of the Service via notice or email. However, the Member may decline to receive such information other than information regarding transactions or responses to inquiries for customer support, as required by relevant laws.
2. The Company shall acquire prior consent of the Member in the event that the Company shall send the information as defined in the Article 14.1. via telephone and facsimile.
3. The Company may post advertisements in the Service’s webpage and email for the operation of the Service. The Member who have received email with advertisements may decline to receive further emails to the Company.

15. Copyrights of the Posts
1. The copyrights of the posts that are posted by the Members to the Service shall belong to the original copyrights holder of the contents of the post. However, content posted by company or the member at the request of the company, the copyright and ownership shall belong to the company.
2. The Content posted by the Member to the Service may be used for providing search results or promoting the Service or other related issues. The contents of the post may be partially modified, copied or edited as deemed necessary. In such case, the Company shall abide by the copyright laws, and the Member can request the Company to take actions regarding removal, exclusion from search results or making it private, via management tools within the Service or customer support.
3. If the Company wishes to use the member's posts in a manner other than Artical 15.2, the Company shall obtain the Member's prior consent by telephone, fax or e-mail.
4. The member shall post in the service only the post which the user owns the copyright in accordance with Artical 15.1, or which is permitted to use from the original author. The Company may delete or change the posted contents without notifying the member if the post posted by the member judges that there is a possibility of copyright infringement, or if there is a request from the original author. In this case, You can.

16. Management of Posts
1. Member shall indemnify the Company from any and all liability for any Post accessed through the Service, and the Company shall have no liability whatsoever for any Post made through the Service.
2. In the event that the Post made by the Member contains materials that are in violation of relevant laws such as the “Act on Information and Communication Network” or copyright laws, the copyright holder may request the Company of suspension and/or removal of the Posts in accordance with the procedures set forth in the relevant laws, and the Company shall take necessary actions in adherence of the aforementioned laws.
3. In case a Post of a Member includes any contents in violation of the relevant laws including the Act on Information and Communication Network and the Copyrights Act, and that any person is infringed his/her statutory rights thereby, the person whose right is infringed may request the suspension of publication and deletion of the Posts in accordance with the statutory procedures, and the Company shall take measures in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws and notify to the person who requested.
4. Some posts (place information, etc.) can not be edited or deleted once created according to the internal rules of the service. This can only be done with the approval of the administrator.
5. Some posts (place information, etc.) may be modified or deleted without notice by the administrator to provide reliable information. Related information will be displayed when these posts are created.
6. In case the Company considers that there are any reasons that can be acknowledged as infringement on rights even in the absence of the request of the infringed person under the preceding paragraph, or that any events violating the Terms of Use, the Company’s policy, relevant laws, intellectual property rights and public policy occur, the Company may take temporary measures for the Posts for the period of time not exceeding thirty days.

17. Ownership of the Right
1. Copyright and any Intellectual Property Rights to the Service shall be owned by the Company. Provided, however, the copyrighted material of the Members’ Posts and Posts according to affiliation agreement shall be exempted from the application of this Terms of Use.
2. The Company shall provide to the Member the right to use the account, ID and contents according to the Terms of Use, and the Member may not sell, transfer or put up for mortgage.

Article 18 (Purchase, Use Period and Use of Paid Services)
1. Member may purchase Paid Service according to the procedures provided by the Company. The Company provides the following items so that the user can understand the service accurately and make transactions without mistake or error.
- Name of the paid service, the price, the period of use, and other necessary matters concerning contracts for the use of contents
2. Member can purchase the Paid Service only on the device where the service application is installed, and is available only to the device that purchased the corresponding paid service.
3. The valid period of use of the Paid Service purchased by the member will depend on the period of use specified at the time of purchase. Members may use the Paid Service only in the member's own account, and can not transfer, lease, or sell the service to any third party except in the manner specified by the Company and separately notified.
4. The Content provided by the Company shall be kept accurate and up-to-date. Therefore, the Content included in the Paid Service purchased by the Member may change during the period of use, and no refund can be requested in this case.

Article 19 (Cancellation of application and refund, etc.)
1. The Member may withdraw the Paid Service within 7 days from the date of purchase of the Paid Service.
2. Notwithstanding the preceding article, if a member falls under any of the following subparagraphs, Member may not withdraw the Paid Service against the intention of the Company.
2.1 If it is considered that the paid service has been used sufficiently by the Member
2.2 In addition, for the purpose of the safety of transactions,
3. Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 19.2 and 19.3, if the content of the Paid Service differs from the contents of the displayed advertisement or is different from the contents of the contract, the Member shall, within three months from the date of purchase of the corresponding paid service, You can cancel your Paid Service within 30 days from the date you know or notice. Members can apply for withdrawal through the company's customer support channel(email, etc.).
4. If the member withdraws the Paid Service, the Company will cancel the provision of the Paid Service without delay and will refund the payment received within three business days of cancellation.
5. In case the Company delays the refund to the Member, the Company shall pay the delay interest calculated by multiplying the interest rate prescribed by the Guidance Law and the Enforcement Decree of the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce etc. for the delay period.
6. In-App payment for an application depends on the payment method provided by the app store operator(Google Play Store, Apple AppStore, etc.). Therefore, if you receive a refund for a Paid Service that purchased In-App payment or an error, you should request a refund from the app store operator. However, depending on the policy and system of the app store operator, the company may request the fulfillment of the refund procedure required by the app store operator.

20. Member’s Termination of Agreement
1. Member may apply for termination of the agreement(or withdrawal of service) through related menu at any time, and Company shall deal with it promptly as stipulated by applicable laws and regulations.
2. When Member terminates the agreement, the personal information of Member will be terminated immediately upon termination in accordance with relevant laws and privacy policy.
3. If Members terminate the agreement, any Posts made by Members will be retained. If a Member does not want his or her Posts to be retained, he or she must delete them before termination.

21. Restriction of Use
1. The Company may restrict the use of Services such as warnings, temporary suspension, permanent suspension, termination of agreement, etc. in the event that Member violates the obligations of this Terms of Service or interrupts the normal operation of the Service.
2. The Company, despite the preceding Article, may immediately terminate the agreement if the Member violates related laws by actions such as distribution of illegal program and interruption of operation violating copyright laws and computer program protection laws, illegal communication and hacking in violation of the Act on Information and Communication Network, distribution of malicious programs, and any acts exceeding his or her rights to access. In the event of termination of agreement in accordance with this Article, the Company shall not be liable for the loss of privileges or benefits acquired through use of the Service.
3. The Company may restrict use by the Member if the Member does not log in to the Service for more than 6 months continuously, to protect the Member’s personal information and to ensure efficiency of operations.
4. The conditions and details regarding restrictions of use is as the procedures provided by the Company
5. The Company notifies the Members as stated in the Section 9 if the Company restricts use or terminates agreement in accordance with this Section.
6. The Member may file objection to the restriction in accordance with this Section, in accordance with the procedures set forth by the Company. The Company immediately resumes the Member’s use of the Service if the objection is deemed to be justifiable.

22. Limitation of Liability
1. The Company shall not be liable for any failure in providing Service or any disruption caused by unavoidable causes including maintenance of the Service facilities, replacement, or by force majeure events.
2 The Company shall not be liable for disruption of service due to reasons attributable to the Member.
3. The Company shall not be responsible for accuracy, content, integrity, legality and reliability of the important information about the content provided through the Service.
4. The Company shall not be responsible for any transactions executed through the Service between the Members or between the Member and a third party.
5. The Company shall not be responsible for service provided free of charge in the absence of special provision in the relevant laws in relation to use of Service.

23. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
1. If a lawsuit arises between a company and a member, the jurisdiction of the jurisdiction of the user's address (in the absence of an address, subject to the relevant laws) shall be jurisdiction.
2. The laws of the Republic of Korea apply to the Terms and the lawsuits filed between the Company and the User.

1.This Terms of Service shall be effective as of July 25, 2018.

Revision date 2018-07-25